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UCSI University: 31 years and counting

UCSI University is a leading private university in Malaysia. It is ranked in the top 250-350 in the 2015 and 2016 QS Asian University Rankings. It is also rated in Tier 5 (Excellent) – the highest rating accorded to universities in Malaysia – in the Rating System for Malaysia Higher Education Institutions (SETARA). It stands out as one of Malaysia’s first private universities and it is known for its academic diversity. The University offers an eclectic range of industry-acclaimed programmes in medicine, pharmacy, engineering, applied science, business, IT, architecture, social science, music, tourism management, creative arts and design, at its campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Kuala Terengganu. UCSI actively collaborates with many of the world’s best universities in the Ivy League, Russell Group, Universitas 21 and Australia’s Group of Eight. This extensive network provides invaluable opportunities for students and staff to contribute to the pursuit and advancement of knowledge around the world. UCSI students have been annually selected for high impact research programmes at Harvard Medical School, Imperial College London, Tsinghua University and the University of British Columbia, among others. UCSI is also synonymous with graduate employability. The University collaborates with around 4,000 global companies to provide students with at least two months of internship each year, career advice, technology transfers and job opportunities. This dynamic setting makes UCSI a university of choice and students from more than 110 nations call UCSI home.

on 14/08/2017 in the presence of the representative of ABCHorizon the executive manager Mr. Abd-Alsamad cheikh Wassouf and the representative of UCSI University in Malaysia Professor Khaled Al-Yousef as the president and the representative of the university in the university headquarters in Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia.

The contracts of strategic partnership were signed on 14/08/2017 where ABCHorizon academy was accredited as a representative of UCSI University in Turkey - Istanbul and as a branch of the university to teach and train students in the fields of Business Management and Computer Science Engineering for the bachelor, master’s, and PhD degrees.

And based on that agreement, the students willing to study one of the previously mentioned fields of all educational degrees can now get their education at ABC Horizon in addition to getting their degrees in those fields of study without the need for traveling to Malaysia.

The contracts also included the accreditation of the ABChorizon Academy as an official partner in Turkey to send students to the university headquarters in Malaysia to study all specialties that are not found in Turkey such as medicine, petroleum engineering, civil engineering, decoration and pharmacy for all nationalities. The agreement included annual scholarships agreed between the two parties for students willing to study all specialties in Turkey and Malaysia, which will be implemented soon.