03 Jul

ABChorizon Scholarships for Youth Empowerment

ABChorizon launches scholarships for youth empowerment of Arab students. These scholarships support Arab students education, which cover /69/ places, /9/ chairs of them are featured with a full scholarship, while the rest are considered partial scholarship which is distributed on all programs. The first group of the scholarships will be accepted for the academic year 2015/2016 and students will join their classes on the first week of May.

As for the second group of scholarships, students will apply for the academic year 2016/2017 and then they will join their class programs on the beginning of September. There are three cycles of this scholarship allocated for diverse categories of Arab youth on three academic levels:

First Cycle:

Scholarships allocated for Master Degree Program in Strategic Management and Leadership:

The first cycle of the scholarships is distinguished of being assigned to the students of high education of the Master’s degree, which is equivalent to the seventh level of the Advanced Diploma Program, certified by “Pearson BTEC”.

This level includes Master’s specialization in Strategic Management and Leadership. This program develops your skills in strategic planning, leadership management, and many other skills.

Bachelor’s degree students are accepted academically for this level, or students holding a higher diploma degree along with two years’ experience as a condition, or students holding a diploma degree with three years’ experience as a condition. The duration of the Master’s program is “one year and a half”, the language of studying for this level is basically English and supported by Arabic. This level includes both full and part scholarships. By accomplishment of this program, students can bridge to any university which is certified by “Pearson BTEC” to achieve their own Master’s dissertation.

Second Cycle:

Scholarships of High National Diploma Program:

This scholarship covers the first level of the university education, with the degree of the British Higher National Diploma of “Pearson BTEC”.

For Business Management, and Computing and System Development specializations, since these two specializations target 60% out of the current job opportunities.

Bachelor’s degree students or any equivalent of the different university acceptance degree in Britain and Turkey are accepted academically in this level, otherwise, passing the third cycle program (StudySkills).

The duration of study for this level is twenty months, while the study language is basically English and supported with Arabic. This level is included in both full and part scholarships. Student can also upgrade from this level to the first level directly – For further details, review the acceptance conditions of the first level.

Third level:

Scholarships of Alternative to High School Degree:

This level is considered as a remarkable chance for students who could not gain the high school certification for any reason. And those who have the willing to continue their education in the Higher National Diploma programs from the second Cycle of these scholarships programs. And this level includes both full and part types of scholarships.

This level covers, StudySkills program from the second level programs of the “Pearson BTEC” grant. And this level is considered as a bridging system from high educational stage to the High Diploma Program in our center, without the need to obtain the high school degree. The duration of this level is three months with full time attendance. This level covers eight specialized educational fields. While the study language is basically English and supported with Arabic. Also, all students will accept in this program according to their academic needs.