L7 - Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (MBA)

L7 - Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (MBA)

Our BTEC Professional level 7 qualifications in Strategic Management and Leadership. These qualifications, accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), help learners develop the skills they need to progress in the workplace.


This Strategic Management online course qualification at QCF Level 7 is equivalent to a Master’s Degree, Integrated Master’s Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Postgraduate Certificate in academic terms.

Key Benefits of the Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership:

  • This course will provide senior managers with the opportunity to develop their strategic management skills and apply these procedures and practices to managing at a strategic level in the workplace
  • This is a Master's level course with good progression routes onto an MBA course
  • Studying online is a cost-effective way to complete a Level 7 course e.g. this Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, which could eventually lead to an MBA, Fees are substantially less compared to studying at a University
  • Completion of the set assignments will examine work-based problems, and encourage you to apply tools, models and theories, to real life workplace situations
  • Gaining this valuable qualification will improve your chances of promotion and a higher salary in your current or future workplace
  • Studying Period
    The whole studying period for this degree is one year and a half (Three semesters) which means 350 credits
  • Acceptance Requirments

    Conditions of a admission:

    Candidate must be of over 23 years of age at the time of registration

    Credentials include a wide range of students aspiring to study short – term educational programs related to their future jobs and careers.

    These conditions are:

    • Bachelor degree Or Person Edexcel level 6 NVQ Diploma.
    • Pearson BTEC Level 5 Diploma with two – year work experience.
    • Diploma degree with three – year work experience.
  • Accreditation

    As abchorizon Center recognized from Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals within their Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) – accreditation no: 91667. This Certificate approved through UK and International.

    Please, Click HERE for more information about our accreditation.

  • Studying Language
    Studing language for Peason BTEC programs is English. Our Center give supporative english courses according to the need of students.
  • Studying Paths

    Our center provide two paths to access our programs, first path is face to face in our center, which located in Fatih, Istanbul.
    Location on Google Maps

    Beside that we offer student, who lives out side Istanbul, to share e-learning programs

  • Registration Papers

    Regestration Papers Of BTEC (L7 Extended Diploma in stratigic mangment and leadership)

    Please send these Credential Copies below by DHL to registration department or delivery on hand to address:
    Akşemsettin Mahallesi Akdeniz
    cad No:101 34080 Fatih – İstanbul – Türkiye
    MOBILE :+90 534 390 0091

    1- Scan of Bachelor’s degree translated into English and certified. If the certificate is a Higher National Diploma, it should be attached with two years of experience certificate from an acknowledged company.
    2- Different credential copies that include your name and image.
    3- Three 3Personal Images
    4- Fulfill BTEC registration form with your signature.
    5- Download student contract document and fulfill it carefully (Arabic and English version)
    6- Please review the PERSONAL DATA POLICY

  • The papers requested by the embassy to get student visa to turkey:

    1- bank account for the last three months in English.
    The more the balance the better.
    2- Salary certificate in English from the sponsor.
    3- Passport copy.
    4- ABCHorizon University approval.
    5- University fees transfer paper.
    6- University fees payment receipt.
    7- Copy of resident visa.
    8- 2 photos 5 * 5.
    9- University certificate.
    10- Passport.
    11- Undertaking from the sponsor to pay your expenses in Turkey.
    12- Copy of sponsor's resident visa.

  • Recognition of Prior Learning:

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a method of assessment (leading to the award of credit) that considers whether a learner can demonstrate that they can meet the assessment requirements for a unit through knowledge, understanding or skills they already possess and so do not need to develop through a course of learning.

    Edexcel encourages centres to recognise learners’ previous achievements and experiences whether at work, home and at leisure, as well as in the classroom. RPL provides a route for the recognition of the achievements resulting from continuous learning.

    RPL enables recognition of achievement from a range of activities using any valid assessment methodology. Provided that the assessment requirements of a given unit or qualification have been met, the use of RPL is acceptable for accrediting a unit, units or a whole qualification. Evidence of learning must be sufficient, reliable and valid.

Program Details:

First semester Second semester Third semester
Strategic Planning Strategic Marketing Management Developing Strategic Management and Leadership SkillS
Strategic Supply Chain Management and Logistics Strategic Human Resource Management trategic Change Management
Strategic Quality and Systems Management Creative and Innovative Management Professional Development for Strategic Managers
  Leading E-strategy Research Methods for Strategic Managers

Progressive Studying:

Students, can complete their study in many universities around the world, according to Recognition of Prior Learning System (RPL) to equate what learners have previously studied.


  • Syrian Virtual University - SVU
  • Arab Academy for Scince and Technology - AAST


  • Middle East Technical University - METU

United Arab Emirates:

  • Heriot Watt University - HW
  • American University in United Arab Emirates - AUE

United Kingdom:

  • University of Nottingham - NOTTINGHAM
  • Middlesex University - MDX
  • Newcastle University - NCL


  • University of Queensland - UQ
  • University of Sydney - SYDNEY

New Zealand:

United State of America:

  • University of Michigan - UMICH


  • Berlin Music Production School - dBs


  • Paris College of Art - PCA


  • College of Computing and Technology - CCT


  • Monash University Malaysia - MONASH

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Working Approach:

BTEC requirs professional lectures to deliver this courses. In the whole process, the process will be under the supervision from External Verifies from UK. Also, Our Internal Verifier and Programs Leader will be in touch with him.