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Having over 10.000 students worldwide and more than 5,000 Students Using E-Learning Education.


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We believe that one way is not enough to teach Languages, so we provide many programs to choose what fulfills your needs.
abchorizon, which is approved from Edexcel, provided with a group of the most professional English teachers.
We apply the most modern teaching methods in our classes which are equipped with the newest tools to facilitate the process of learning English.

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Having over 10.000 students worldwide and more than 5,000 Students Using E-Learning Education.

What Students Say

Why choose ABCHorizon Academica?

Everything you need in one place

ABChorizon is the place where you can prepare to take control of your future and earn the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to help you expand your opportunities. Whether you are a school leaver or a mature student, we can open a host of possible career paths before you and help you become the successful person you wish to be.

A unique academic and vocational qualification

Today's employers are setting more complicated hiring standards than ever, and they are expecting graduates to possess up-to-date professional skills together with their academic skills. Our qualifications will make you more considerable for employment because it focuses on building your professional skills in the different areas of business and makes you more ready to start working confidently once you graduate; it also builds up the personal traits required by employers such as confidence and internal motivation.

Better career prospects

Whatever you are willing to do after graduating our vocational degrees are your chance to earn the knowledge and professional skill needed for your future career; all you have to do is make a decision and take the vocational degree that suits your ambition.

Valuable employability skills

no matter what specialty you chose to study or what career path you intend to take, there are some key skills an employer looks for in any job candidate, such as information technology, communication skills, teamwork and problem solving. ABChorizon unique educational approach helps you develop these skills throughout its programs to increase your ability to succeed in your work.

Personal development

ABChorizon's unique educational atmosphere gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself better, especially if it‘s your first time away from home. It is a chance to develop your interests, discover new ones, learn important skills, and meet new people in order to improve as an individual. You’ll become more independent and self-reliant and have the space needed to set your mind on the path you want to take after graduating.

A world of opportunities

Meet people from different cultures, make new friends from all over the world and see everything from a new perspective. While studying at ABChorizon you will face new challenges with a huge range of special activities within the clubs, and societies we offer. It is even possible to learn about a new culture and speak a different language by taking part of your course overseas.

Work experience

Choose your vocational course, and then get the experience you need in any future career with the opportunity to undertake work placements in your chosen subject area. These chances not only will give you experience and skill, but will also enable you to start building a network of industry contacts.

Flexible learning options

We extend the usual concept of higher education. University doesn’t necessarily mean several years of full-time study in one place; whether you prefer a part-time study, distance and online learning, work-based learning or study abroad, with our flexible study options we offer you the chance to choose how and when you want to learn.

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We’ve been fortunate enough to surround ourselves with outstanding partners in all education. We continue to utilize these partnerships to broaden our network and our reach.